TIM’s many years of experience with sustainable investments have shown that they not only make sense from a social and ecological perspective but are extremely successful in financial terms too. The fact that sustainable asset management is a long-term trend as opposed to just a passing fad is also reflected in market developments over recent years.

The economic success of sustainable asset management is based not only on the careful selection of investments and their continuous review by our specialists, but also on the fact that companies managed in accordance with the principles of sustainability often operate in branches of industry which generate above-average growth. Innovations in the area of renewable energies and energy-saving measures as well as sustainable new and replacement investments in infrastructure and mobility are what characterise these companies.

Sustainably managed companies therefore benefit to an above-average degree from the following trends:

  • the growing energy needs of the global population;
  • rising water consumption coupled with increasing levels of water pollution;
  • the rapid growth in the need for mobility in the emerging markets of South America and Asia; and
  • the huge new demands made on infrastructure.

Based on this ongoing above-average high growth potential, it may be assumed that the value of sustainably managed companies will increase accordingly.

Our commitment to sustainability means that we also offer sustainable investment strategies in the form of fund portfolios. Fund portfolios invest exclusively in investment funds and products similar to funds and are therefore ideally suited for smaller investment sums.


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